Dazed Digital – Weronika Gesicka questions the the truth of Photography

An interesting article regarding Weronika Gesicka’s series Traces appeared on the Dazed Digital blog today. Gesicka has created a series of digital photographic composite based on original 1950’s America surburbia stock imagery. The work addresses the role that visual arts play in rendering truth and how we respond to this.

“Traces makes a bold statement about the role photography plays in the manipulation of perception, and thus how we see and remember the world.”

The series Traces adopts a surrealist approach to negotiating some of the same belief systems I am looking at within my own work. Gericka has taken more satirical stance to highlighting the concerns of knowledge we develop from visual images but has still completed this process using similar digital techniques. It is an interesting read, although perhaps composed from a more light hearted perspective.

Read the full article here.


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