Natural Perceptions – The book

To accompany my planned exhibition and teaching activities, I have produced a book of the Natural Perceptions images. The foreword is the same introductory text that I have written in collaboration with Dr Huw Peterson.

The book is 30 x 30 cm and 44 pages in total. It features all 21 images of the series with a single image placed on the right page of each double page spread. It has been printed on textured uncoated Proline paper which has rendered the monochrome images very nicely. The hardback cover is a charcoal linen.

I had some serious debates with myself regarding the cover. Initially it was ordered with a full image wrap around dust jacket but this just did not work for me. As the whole project is challenging the viewers initial perceptions, I felt the glossy cover was not right. I want viewers to remain open minded as they look though the book and so the glossy cover would have started the decision making process before the book was even opened.

For this reason I have discarded the original dust jacket cover. I prefer the charcoal coloured linen cover as this feels more tactile and represents a blank canvas with regards to initial impressions. I considered having the linen cover blind embossed with the name of the project, but moved away from this idea as this would be a permanent feature. Instead, I have printed a new semi dust jacket cover that can be removed if required. This allows the viewer to make a decision themselves but also displays the linen and its textured finish.

The semi dust jacket is printed on hight white cotton paper that the exhibition prints will be displayed on. I produced a dummy dust jacket to consider scale and fold positions which worked out very well. Folding the dust jacket was a nerve wracking experience as getting it wrong would mean a reprint. The dust jacket worked very well and hopefully over the next week or so it will flatten out more to improve the way it sits on the cover.

I am very pleased with the book and the way it looks. I think the printing is very good and the paper and linen choices seem to work really well.



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