Intended Audience Engagement

The Natural Perceptions project will engage with a range of people on different levels. In a way reflecting my own career so far, the Natural Perceptions project is intended to be multifaceted. The two key areas for its audience engagement are the public exhibition and embedding of the project into my own work in arts education as part of a Btec Photography Unit.

Public Exhibition

The Natural Perceptions project is due to be exhibited publicly at the Tobacco Factory arts venue in South Bristol in early 2019. The space the exhibition will be held in is accessible to the public free of charge, therefore creating no additional barriers. The cafe bar area of the Tobacco Factory is home to a wide range of community groups who I hope will take time to view the images and reflect upon them. The cafe bar is also the main entrance to venue as so there will be also a lot of passing individuals who might take the time to look at the work also. This area of the Tobacco Factory attracts a range of customers including people who are there simply to eat and drink. The Tobacco Factory is well known for hosting visual arts exhibitions in its cafe bar, so there will also be members of the public visiting purely to see the work.

Taking into account the size of the space available at the Tobacco Factory, the images are most likely to be displayed in 20×20″ black frames with a single white mount and a 12×12″ image. The images will be professionally printed on High White Cotton 315 GSM paper. The flow of the exhibition is likely to follow that of the book, but until I am able to start placing the images within the venue this can not be guaranteed.

Alongside the exhibition images will be information cards displaying the introductory text from the book so it will be clear what the intended outcome for the viewer of the images is. The work will be marketed as widely as possible. The Tobacco Factory emailed news letter and website will promote the exhibition, and I am hopeful there will be some social media marketing also. I fully intend to create a press release once the exhibition dates are confirmed and to invite as many people as possible to the opening night who might help promote the show and enhance its success.

Natural Perceptions as an educational asset

The second intended outcome for the work is to support the Btec Level 3 Photography course I run at the City of Bristol College. I have prepared lesson plans for a day of teaching and a location photography workshop where my students will be able to challenge what perception means to them and create some of their own photographic images. A brief summary of the activities I have planned include an introduction to the work as a Powerpoint presentation and group discussions to establish how we all make our own conclusions from perceptions. I will use images from the exhibition and and book I have created to help engage this audience. The day then continues with Photoshop demonstrations and the opportunity for learners to experiment with resource images supplied. Into the afternoon the workshop takes the group out to the woods to shoot their own images before returning to the college for a group critique to end the day. I have delivered workshops such as this many times before and I know the learners would enjoy this as a planned day of learning. If they enjoy something a lot, they will engage very well with the activities.

Lesson plan – Natural Perceptions

Powerpoint – Natural Perceptions

The final outcome for both audiences remains the same. The Natural Perceptions project is designed to encourage the viewer or participant to leave the exhibition with the mind set of challenging what it presented to them, and to question its accuracy of fact, before concluding it is fact.

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